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Start Up

I’ve just received my computer. What should I do now?

Thank you for purchasing from Starforge! Please follow these steps if you are unsure of how to go from an open box to gaming on your new computer.

Step 1: Carefully remove internal packaging from your system. Occasionally the packaging will cling to various internal connectors. If that is the case in your system, slowly pull on the packaging while gently holding connectors in place. These foam Instapak are conformed to match your computer’s internal components and come standard in every Starforge System. Store ALL of your system’s packaging for return/RMA purposes. If you do not retain these packing supplies, and need to return ship your system for any reason, please contact our customer care team. Starforge Systems will make packaging materials available.

Step 2:
Check for any damage that may have been done to your computer during shipping. Each system is tested and given stringent quality control before being carefully prepared for its journey to its final destination. The vast majority of systems will not have any defects even after time spent with third party couriers. However, shipping can occasionally cause components to shift, detach or even become damaged. If you notice any internal or external issues, please contact our customer care team.

In the event of broken glass panels, please do not attempt to handle or remove any glass shards from the surface of your computer, internal components or the shipping box itself without protective clothing.

Step 3:
Connect desired peripherals to your Input / Output ports, ensuring that any display devices are plugged into your graphics card. These ports are oriented horizontally. midway down the back of your computer’s case, and plug into your system’s Graphics Card. There are vertical ports towards the top of your system among USB and other Input / Output ports. These will connect to your Central Processor through your motherboard, which is not designed for high performance gameplay. Using these ports may result in severely hampered gaming experience, or in many cases, no display at all.

Step 4:
Plug your computer in via the supplied power cable. Other appliances or computers may have similar power cables. While these cables are generally interchangeable, Starforge Systems suggests using the supplied power cable for your system. Be sure that the power switch is in the ‘I’ position. Your system will not power on if the power switch on your system’s power supply is set to ‘O’. This switch can be found at the bottom of your PC tower, generally next to where the computer plugs into the wall.

Step 5:
You’re ready to power on your computer! Starforge Systems tests every computer that leaves its facility as a fully integrated product. Your PC has been benchmarked, quality controlled and carefully packed before being shipped to you. Once on, you should find an activated installation of Windows with all your system’s drivers for stock components, RGB software and XMP enabled. Get ready to game on the best PC in the universe.


What components are in my PC?

For a breakdown of what's 'under the hood' for each system, check out each of our Gaming PCs.

When you find a system that you like, click on the PC and you'll find a complete breakdown of its components in the "About the Model" section.

As always, we're happy to answer any more questions you might have about our product at: Contact Us – Starforge Systems

What ports does a Starforge Gaming PC have?

All Starforge systems will have at least 4 USB ports on the motherboard as well as at least 1 USB type C, 1 LAN/Ethernet connection. Via the graphics card at least 1 HDMI and 1 Display Port. These numbers may vary from model to model and are listed as current minimums. Ports are subject to change as newer products are released. 

For more information on specific systems, please contact Customer Care at: Contact Us – Starforge Systems

What Starforge System is best for me?

Our philosophy at Starforge is to make sure you get the best gaming capabilities for your budget. When choosing a system that fits your needs it's good to know which games or at least which type of games you plan to play, along with what monitor(s) you plan to use and any other special requirements you might have, as well as your budget. 

If you’re still not sure where to begin, please contact Customer Care at: Contact Us – Starforge Systems

Shipping and Returns

Where in the world do you ship?

At this time, Starforge is proud to offer our systems to the USA and Canada. With the incredible amount of international inquiries we've received, we're eager to offer shipping to the EU in the near future.

How long does it take for my order to be shipped?

Estimated lead time can be found in the "Shipping Information" section on the product page for each of our PCs. These are based on date of purchase and are updated regularly.

Once the system ships from our center the time to receive your order is in the hands of the shipping company. You will receive a tracking number when the shipping box’s label is printed. We encourage you to use this number to track the status of your order as it leaves our warehouses.

What is the warranty for my PC?

Starforge Systems is proud to offer a 2-Years-Parts and 2-Years-Labor Warranty.

If you have any questions about our Warranty Policy, please visit our Warranty Page.

If you are unsure as to if your PC is still under warranty, please reach out to our Customer Care team at Contact Us – Starforge Systems

What is your return process?

For information about the Return Policy for Products, please visit this link: Shipping & Returns – Starforge Systems

If you need additional help or your question has not been answered, you may contact Customer Care at: Contact Us – Starforge Systems

Technical Support

How can I add more storage to my Gaming PC?

At this time we do not offer customization for our PCs, however adding more storage to your system is relatively easy. The most simple way to add storage is to use an external USB drive. You can also add internal drives to your system after you have received it. All Systems are built with both power and data cables for an additional SATA storage drive pre-routed for the convenience of our clientele.

Please keep in mind if for some reason you need to send your system back to use for warranty purposes: Any drives you have installed yourself should be removed before shipment and Starforge is not responsible for added parts.

If you need additional help or your question has not been answered, you may contact Customer Care at: Contact Us – Starforge Systems

What kind of performance can I expect from my system?

Our systems have curated parts lists and configurations intended to provide leading performance at each price point. Performance can vary from game to game and across different settings. Certain graphical options such as shadows, water effects and ray tracing can dramatically impact framerates.

For more information on performance, please contact Customer Care at: Contact Us – Starforge Systems

What should I do if I have an issue with my system?

Our team of Customer Care agents are here to help! If something goes wrong with your system, reach out at: Contact Us – Starforge Systems with any issues you may have. Our team will offer solutions as well as find a time that works around your schedule for a Technical Support call.

How can I watch my PC be built live?

Starforge is proud to have partnered with OTK to stream on their OTKNetwork channel. As you purchase your system, you’ll be able to opt out of the lottery system to have your system be built on our livestream. If you are selected, you’ll receive a date and time to watch your PC be put together on stream!