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Q: What is VAT?
A: VAT is a tax applied to the value of a product. In this case, that rate is charged and applicable based on the country of origin (The United States), and the country receiving the product (Where we ship to you) 

Q: Why is it this rate different for different places?
A: Rates are set by the country. In some cases, such as Canada, by provincial districts. In the case of Canada, VAT is uniform across the country, but additional taxes are collected by each province and presented as a “Harmonized Sales Tax”

Q: Why does Starforge collect these taxes?
A: Having the customer pay these taxes is possible, however by collecting VAT at check out, we can ensure that all taxes and duties are paid before your purchase is received in your country. This means that the time it is held in customs is much shorter, and the package can be delivered to you directly. A consumer would have to pay these themselves otherwise, and depending on the customs practices, if not paid timely would result in the destruction or return of the product.

Q: Why not post VAT clearly underneath the product?
A: Rather than run into guesswork regarding the use of VPNs or purchases made while traveling, we set VAT to be calculated after a destination country is set in the shipping information we collect as a part of our check-out process. This way, VAT can be calculated more accurately so there aren’t discrepancies in cost.